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Do you know how to cutting umbrella fabric into panels?
Follow Ovida umbrella factory, you will know more umbrella progress.

Silk Screen Printing
Today we have many types of printing way on umbrellas.
Such as silk screen printing, heat transfer printing.
Below is the silk screen printing video for your reference.
First we should prepare all materials, such as square silk mold, ink, fabric panels.
Second, we will follow the mold need, using ink make the layout come true.
Third workers put the umbrella panels on the table, then the other hand made silk screen printing join in. From this video you can see all the details clearly.
We are opening receive all clients good idea on umbrella. Logo printing umbrella is really amazing and popular, photography prints umbrella really make umbrella very special.
Give us your story of logo umbrellas to

Rolling Cutting
Do you know how to cutting umbrella fabric into panels?
Follow Ovida umbrella factory, you will know more umbrella progress.
First we need to cutting the rolling fabric into small rolling parts. How many parts we should cut, it Not only depends on the umbrella ribs size, but also the length of the rolling fabric.
Normally there is 65inch and 68inch rolling fabric using on umbrellas. So let makes it could cutting into 2 to 4 small parts.
Such as 19inch kids umbrella we could cutting 4small fabric parts, 23inch regular umbrella can cutting into 3ports, while 30inch or beach umbrella might only can be cut into 2 or 3 parts.
While customized umbrella size could using customized rolling fabric. So if you have your own design we might have risk on new umbrellas. You can email us to

Fabric Locking
The small parts of fabrics we have to locking. Why we have to locking the fabrics?
Since the umbrella edge easy broken, so we have to lock it well, that makes umbrella perfectly.
While in Germany there is new tech on umbrella producing, the knife machine could lock the umbrella fabric by it self without any silk line. So some of the top high high quality umbrella still made in Germany or Japan. If you want to know more of the difference just let us know

Panel Locking
When the umbrella fabric be locked, we should cutting into panels.
After that we are go into panel locking. Here we have to take each panels put on the machine table. Then each two panels locking together. There are 6ribs umbrella, 8ribs umbrella, 10ribs umbrella and 16ribs umbrella. But we have special ribs umbrella like 7ribs umbrella, 9ribs umbrella, 12ribs umbrella and 24ribs umbrella. That is huge work for workers. But normally the most popular one is 8ribs umbrellas. After 8panels locking together the whole canopy is finish. Then we have to inspecting the panel quality, see if the panel with holes, less lines something like that on umbrella canopies. While you could visit our factory to check it

Umbrella Inspection
The last step of umbrella producing is inspect the umbrella quality before packing.
This have to hand made, and one by one to inspecting if the umbrella can open and close easily, if there is holes, less sewing, broken parts and something not good for umbrellas. We have an quality control standard same as AQL 2.5, because some of our clients focus on Super Market products, so we learn this from them to improve our umbrella quality standard. That is really helpful for us, while if you have more suggestions on umbrella let us know

Umbrella Frame Assembly
Xiamen Dongfangzhanxin Trading Co., Ltd. with our own factory named Jinjiang Zhanxin Umbrella Co., Ltd. That is an umbrella produce umbrella frames. Below is one of the producing progress we called umbrella frame assembly. You know there are so many steps of frame production. But after all, we need to assembly all of the frame parts together. Here we have shaft, spring, ribs, metal parts ext. You will know it is not an easy step even we got help from machines. And if you come and visit our umbrella factory in Jinjiang, trust me you will know more about the umbrellas. Contact our team, and visit us when you come China.